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The school is a State Co-educational Selective Grammar School.  The school is an Academy Trust School and therefore responsible for setting its own admission arrangements and, in common with state schools throughout the country, the school is part of a Co-ordinated Local Admission scheme.

Associated school policies
Admission Arrangements 2015
Admission Arrangements 2014
Admission Arrangements 2013

All school preferences expressed by parents must be given equal consideration.

Although there are minor variations in practice across the country, each Local Authority Area shares the following common features:

  • A single Common Application Form (CAF) covers application to all state secondary schools
  • Parents can express at least 3 school preferences
  • A child will receive only one offer of a school place

Colyton Grammar School is a Selective Co-educational Academy, responsible for its testing arrangements and admission criteria.

Any applicant achieving an eligible score on each test (Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English) is automatically considered for entry.  There may be more children with eligible scores than places available.


The Published Admission Number (PAN) is 124

Children achieving eligible scores in all three elements of the test will be ranked on the basis of their total score (Category A students) and have priority for admission.

Any remaining places will be allocated to children achieving an eligible score in at least two of the three tests (Category B Students).

The Academy Trust will prioritise applicants using the following oversubscription criteria:

  1. Children in categories A or B, who have a statement of special needs or Education, Health and Care Plan naming the school will be admitted. 
  2. Children in Care, or who ceased to be in Care because they were adopted or made the subject of a residence order, or made the subject of a special guardianship order, in categories A or B
  3. Children in categories A or B who are from families entitled to claim free school meals at the time of the test. (Documentary evidence that the parent is in receipt of the appropriate support payment entitling the child to free school meals will be required).
  4. Rank order based on the total score achieved in all three tests of students in categories A or B.
  5. In an event of a tied ranking for the last available place, proximity to the school as measured by a straight line from the main school entrance to the house address of the applicant. It will be measured in a straight line from the home address to the front gate of the school using Ordnance Survey Maps

An eligible score will be determined by that achieved by the 120th ranked student or higher in the Verbal Reasoning and the Mathematics Tests.  The eligible score in English will vary annually such that the total number of children in categories A and B is approximately 135 students.

Students with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND)

Students with an Education, Health and Care Plan and other SEND students with a history of at least two terms of extra time being routinely made available to access formal assessments at primary school will, with the agreement of their own parents/guardians and the support of the primary Headteacher, be given up to 20% extra time. No other evidence will be considered. No other allowance will be made.

Modified formats of the test papers will be provided wherever possible in the case of children with a recognised special need, e.g. visual impairment.

All reasonable steps will be taken to allow access to the test materials but the standards applied in assigning ‘rank order’ will not be varied.

Admission of children outside their normal age group

Given the school policy of completing Key Stage Three in two years and all GCSE examinations being completed ‘a year early’ at the end of Y10, the school would not expect to admit a student younger than the normal age group. Candidates for consideration for entry in 2015 will be in Year 6 at the time of taking the tests – applicants for September 2015 will be born between 1 September 2003 and
31 August 2004.

Applications to take the tests outside the chronological year must have the approval of Colyton Grammar School. The views of the child’s ‘home’ Local Authority will be sought. The final decision will lie with the school as the admission authority.