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As Colyton Grammar School is an academy, the Governing Body is responsible for controlling the school’s management and administration. The Governing Body consists of the trustees (previously called “governors”) who are also the directors of the academy trust. They have responsibility for directing the academy’s affairs, for ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the trust’s charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public.

Colyton Grammar School is an Academy School.

The Governing Body consists of:
  • Headteacher
  • Four Parent Trustees
  • Two Staff Trustees
  • 11 Other Trustees (appointed by the Members under Article 50)
  • The Trustees come from various professional backgrounds and contribute different skills. A mixture of experienced and newly appointed Trustees provides the benefits of both continuity and a fresh approach to the Governing Body.

    The main Governing Body meets at least once a term. The three main committees (Admissions, Learning and Standards; Finance and Resources; Staffing) meet earlier in the term. The committees give detailed consideration to specific issues, take decisions on delegated matters and make recommendations to the full Governing Body.

    The Terms of Reference for each of the Committees are as follows:

    Admissions, Learning and Standards Admissions, curriculum matters, standards and school performance, special needs (SEN), behaviour and discipline, collective worship and religious education, pastoral support
    Finance and Resources Financial management, premises development, building maintenance, health and safety
    Staffing Staffing structure and selection, pay and conditions, performance management, succession planning for teaching and support staff, safeguarding, trustees' training

    The Chairs' Committee consists of the Chair of Trustees and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of each of the three main Committees. This Committee also generally meets once a term and considers strategic matters relating to the development of the school, in preparation for discussion and approval by the Board. This Committee has a responsibility to facilitate working between the three main Committees through the consideration and discussion of issues of relevance to the Governing Body as a whole.

    All meetings are minuted by the Secretary to Trustees and circulated to all Trustees. Minutes are published here.

    A number of Trustees have links with specific school departments or areas and make a report at each main Board Meeting.

    There is a Duty Trustee present at each Parents' Meeting.

    To contact the Chair of Trustees and/or the Secretary to the Trustees, please email or write to the main school address.