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The School is defined by the students and by the legacy of its Alumni and the School is enormously proud of their achievements. CGS students form lifelong friendships and we are especially delighted when they come back to visit. The shared experiences of our alumni are inspirational to the current students. We are so pleased to be able to congratulate alumni and inspire current students through inviting them to talk to us about their experiences.

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As a current or past parent you are aware of the enriched curriculum Colyton offers your child. Whether it be sports, music, lunch clubs or career mentors such as visiting alumni. We’d really welcome you to the Colyton for Life Community, your expertise and skill set can enrich the students education.

Perhaps you’d like to join our ‘Come back and Inspire’ programme of talks, that are open to all of the school and offer a chance for the students to feel that they are part of a much wider community outside of the school.

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Our teaching and support staff all contribute to making Colyton Grammar the special place it is, its national recognition is down to your dedication. Please join the Colyton for Life Community, to follow alumni careers, contribute to publications, please join here Staff (current or former).

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Our local community and businesses are essential to keeping the school running. Perhaps we purchase items from you for catering, maintenance or school supplies. If you’d like to be part of our community and learn more about the school please sign up here Other