Come Back and Inspire

CBAI (2)

We are proud of our past students, we would be extremely pleased to welcome you back to the school to talk with the students about your career. We would like to mix your expertise with education, enriching the student experience at Colyton. 

Coming back and inspiring will allow you to tour the school, meet with teachers and importantly inspire the students, which in turn will inspire others. Your skills, understanding of career paths, lessons learnt and being  a past student of Colyton is all very important to the school.

This is open to other Colyton for Life community members, parents, staff, local businesses whom wish to talk to the students about careers, university, life skills please do get in touch!

 We are looking for people to join us for the Autumn 2017/2018 programme. These sessions run in the lunch hour (1-2pm).  Please email if you’d like to join in!


Huge thanks goes to the first set of alumni whom have participated this year!

Thank you for giving us your time:

Tom Jessamine (Class of 2010), PGA Golfer                   Kristian Mears (1993) MoD, GP, RAF

2507TomJessamine (3)                  jet            
      E Matthews                                  IMG_8182


Emma Matthews (2009) Investment Manager     

Julie Hawker (1983) CEO Cosmic                 


 M Hunter 2017 2 Matt Hunter, Owner TORA (2003)