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It is school policy that regular homework is done by all students.  Homework is seen as an integral part of the curriculum and has very positive outcomes.

The Nature of Homework
Homework provides the opportunity to:

            - research a new idea
            - follow up work begun in class
            - practice and reinforce skills
            - prepare work for the next lesson
            - think through an idea or solve a problem
            - exploit materials and resources in the environment outside school
            - produce an extended piece of work set over a longer period of time
            - learn, for example, facts, vocabulary or poetry
            - do some quiet reading about a topic or theme
            - prepare for examinations

Students will be given an adequate amount of time to prepare for examinations.  Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will be given frequent opportunities for revision and practice of examination papers.  For Year 10 the two teaching weeks prior to mock exams should not be used for homework tasks which involve new topics or ideas.  However, homework tasks that contribute to structured revision are appropriate during this period.

Time Allocation

Year 7

1 hour per evening, usually in 2 subjects

Year 8

1 -1½ hours per evening, usually in 2/3 subjects

Year 9

2 hours per evening, usually in 3 subjects

Year 10

2 hours per evening, usually in 3 subjects

Years 11, 12 & 13

All sixth formers are expected to do 3 hours per subject per week of independent study

It is important that parents and students know exactly what homework is expected and when the work is to be completed.

Students in Years 7-10 are issued with a Personal Organiser. Parents of students in Years 7 and 8 are asked to sign this weekly. Parents’ comments can be made in the Personal Organiser. Parents’ comments can be made in the personal organiser. Homework is also recorded in SIMS and is available for students and parents to view via the SIMS Learning Gateway.

Concern about Homework
Concern about homework in a specific subject should be communicated to the Head of Department.  General concerns should be communicated to the appropriate Head of Sector.